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Door Jamb Assist

Door Jamb Assist

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  • Fast - allows for easy in & out access
  • Used at waist level, no bending over
  • Durable - made with high grade materials
  • Lightweight - only 7 ounces
  • Multiple door open positions 
  • Rubber bumpers prevent door jamb scuffs
  • Professional and home use


The Door Jamb Assist (DJA) is the best solution to an age old problem...

How to keep a self closing door open, Fast and Easy.

Self closing doors can be found in most buildings,  hotels, commercial buildings, and your garage door at home to name a few. Unlike widgets on the market, the DJA is the first product of its kind, allowing no hassle in and out access. No more hassling with the kick down stops at the bottom of the door, that are clumsy and hard to get your toe under, and can scuffs your shoes. No more finding that thingy which is often misplaced. The DJA is used at waist height, so no more bending over, and it only takes 2 seconds to use. Hotels, Moving Companies, Building Trades, are just a few industries loving this product. The DJA is ideal for use in many industries, and solves a seemingly simple problem.

The DJA has an Accessory Kit (sold separately) that has a belt clip allowing the user to carry it on their side, or surface mount bracket, that can be mounted on any flat surface, next to a door, on a housekeeping cart, or in a vehicle, so it's ready on demand when needed.



5in x 3in x 2in (LxWxH)



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The Door Jamb Assist (DJA) is easy to set-up and use. Instructions are available at the link below.

Door Jamb Assist

Product Features

Keep Doors Open

Provides easy access without damaging your door. Works with most doors.

Fast & Easy

Install and remove within seconds. Works at any height.

Strong & Heavy Duty

Holds heavy doors safely and securely with it's solid metal construction.

Mult-angle Opening

Holds doors open in various angles and adjustable for your needs.

Tool for everyone

Home and Professional

The Door Jamb Assist (DJA) provides easy access for various home and professional tasks. It's patent-pending design secures heavy doors open, preventing any door from closing on you. Quick to set up and easy to use, the Door Jamb Assist makes it easy for:

  • Residential Homes
  • Hotel Housekeeping
  • Delivery Services
  • Construction
  • Moving Companies
  • Property Management
How to use

Instructions for Door Jamb Assist

Learn how easy it is to set up and use the Door Jamb Assist (DJA). Watch our video or check out our instruction page for more details.

Recommended Products

Accessory Kit

Purchasing the accessory kit will keep your Door Jamb Assist (DJA) within reach at all times! Belt Clip and Surface Mount is included!

Belt Clip & Surface Mount

Reviews From Real People

What Customers Say

  • "Thank you for allowing my department to test and review the Tracer Line, it is a wonderful tool that will benefit the fire service tremendously."

    Bill Pepe
    Deputy Chief, Branford Fire Department
  • "The Tracer Line is a useful tool that can aid firefighters in finding their way out of smoke filled environments. The Tracer Line would be an “excellent” tool for any department – especially those who may have to search multiple apartments or office buildings."

    Steve Pegram
    Writer/Product Review, Fire Rescue Magazine
  • "Over my 31 year carrier I have tested many products used to save a victims life as well as my own. I responded to the Oklahoma City Federal Building attack and the WTC attacks of 911. In both of these cases as well as others I responded to, having a product such as the Tracer Line would have been of tremendous value."

    Arthur Gonsalves
    Urban Search Rescue Team (CA. Task Forces 7) Sacramento Metro Fire Department

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