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Tracer Line (TL)

First ever self-retracting, lightweight, and compact search and rescue line.

When your life is on the line, it gets you out!

Flame Out Candle (FOC)

Real wax candle that looks, feels, and burns like a common candle, but with special features never before available on any candle. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, and your favorite scents too.

We Specialize in Life Safety Products

Aexion creates innovative products that are used for both commercial and consumer applications. Aexion dives deep into research and development and is committed to making life and work environments safer and more efficient.

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What Customers Say

  • "Thank you for allowing my department to test and review the Tracer Line, it is a wonderful tool that will benefit the fire service tremendously."

    Bill Pepe
    Deputy Chief, Branford Fire Department
  • "The Tracer Line is a useful tool that can aid firefighters in finding their way out of smoke filled environments. The Tracer Line would be an “excellent” tool for any department – especially those who may have to search multiple apartments or office buildings."

    Steve Pegram
    Writer/Product Review, Fire Rescue Magazine
  • "Over my 31 year carrier I have tested many products used to save a victims life as well as my own. I responded to the Oklahoma City Federal Building attack and the WTC attacks of 911. In both of these cases as well as others I responded to, having a product such as the Tracer Line would have been of tremendous value."

    Arthur Gonsalves
    Urban Search Rescue Team (CA. Task Forces 7) Sacramento Metro Fire Department

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