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Door Jamb Assist

The Door Jamb Assist is easy to learn and use. If you have purchased any model or product from the Door Jamb Assist family (DJA/TDJA/Accessory Kit), this page will provide instructions on how to use each product.

Instruction Manual

Both products, DJA and the TDJA are designed to hold a door in the open position, fast and efficient. The two products function exactly the same with the exception of the lighting feature on the TDJA. Instructions are below. You can also download and print instructions (PDF) with the links below.

How to install (Keep Door Open)

Instructions on how to lock a door in the option position:

  1. Make sure the HEAD (Triangular Top) is always in this starting position. (Fig #1)
  2. Hold the unit firmly at the back part of the HANDLE. (Fig #2)
  3. Holding the door open at a 90-degree position, insert the unit into the door jamb gap as shown. (Fig #3). The inserted HEAD will line up to go through the gap opening.
  4. Push the spring-loaded HANDLE in through the door jamb opening as far as it will go, the triangular HEAD will protrude out through the back side of the door and door frame. (Fig #4)
  5. Rotate the HANDLE 90 degrees to the right. (Fig #5)
  6. Pull back on the HANDLE until the inserted HEAD makes contact with the door and frame.
  7. While holding the door in an open position at 90 degrees, press the silver LOCK BUTTON on top of the unit down (Fig 6), it may not drop into a locking hole right away, slowly let the door close, as the door closes the locking button will line up with one of the holes on the main SHAFT (Fig 6a), allowing the LOCK BUTTON to set in the desired open position. Let go of the door first before releasing the LOCK BUTTON (Fig 7), the door closing tension will keep the button lock engaged until pressure on the door is released. The door will remain open at the desired position. (Figure 8)

How to uninstall (Close Door)

Instructions on how to release the door and allow to close:

  1. Slightly push the door open (taking pressure off the HEAD), until the locking button pops up and disengages from the main shaft.
  2. While holding the door open to a 90-degree position, push the HANDLE inward towards the door jamb, and then rotate 90 degrees to the left.
  3. After rotating the handle 90 degrees to the left, pull back on the handle until the unit comes out of the door jamb. The door is now able to be closed.

Tactical Door Jamb Assist (Operating Lights)

Tactical Door Jamb Assist (TDJA) Beacon Warning Lights

The TDJA has a special lighting feature valuable to first responders and other emergency personnel. This feature enables a person to deploy the unit in a door frame and activate the lighting system which will let others know their point of entry, and the Red, Yellow or Green lights indicate the threat or danger level present.

The TDJA comes partially charged. Upon opening the package use the included USB charging cord to fully charge the unit. Plug the charging cord into any USB outlet and plug the smaller end into the charging port located near the lens cap on the handle. A red light will appear, indicating the unit is charging. The unit will be fully charged when a Blue light is illuminated (full charging time is approximately 2 hours).

To Operate Beacon indicator Lights:

Press the button on the back of the TDJA handle for the following lighting cycles:

  • 1X - RED = Danger/ Extreme Caution
  • 2X - YELLOW = Caution / Active Scene
  • 3X - GREEN = All Clear I No Danger
  • 4X - OFF (battery will be on standby)

Additional information regarding TDJA lighting system:

  1. Battery recharge cycle time is 2 hours from fully depleted
  2. When fully charged, battery standby time is 15 hours.
  3. Low battery warning- lights transition from blinking to solid, when 15 minutes of battery life remaining.
  4. Operating temperature range = -10F to 165F
  5. Battery info: 1) Li battery, 2) 3.3V, 3) 750 Mah, 4) -20 ° C to 70° C, 5) 300 to 500 cycles.

The TDJA comes with a rechargeable Li battery and should never be opened or used under water.

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If you need more support with any product from the Door Jamb Assist family (DJA/TDJA/Accessory Kit), don't hesitate to contact us.



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